Are you a performer? Look no further!
You are at the right place.

We are always on the lookout for innovation and inspiration, even in the most basic things. Curious minds, inventive thoughts, and a humble attitude - this is what we are looking for as an employee of Cloudium. If you are someone who rises up to the occasion, finds that silver lining in a dilemma and leads from the front, welcome home!
Go on up ahead and see what we have in store for you.

Our Office

We practice the open workspace policy at Cloudium. Face any issues? You can directly reach out to whomever you are the most comfortable with - even if it's the CEO! (provided he is in the office, of course!) We also have game space, relaxation area, library and Cafeteria. Also, special training areas and more than enough meeting rooms. Too much? Quite the contrary! You have enough room to move around, take a breather, or get a quick bite to eat. In addition, we have stress-buster fun activities every Friday, yearly tournaments, festivities, celebrations and not to forget - great restaurants! Or … we could just order in.

Leading Values



We all have good and bad days, problems and issues (personal or not), but when you end your day at Cloudium and go back home, you have a sense of accomplishment, achievement! No matter the reason, we treat everyone fairly, judgements aside.



Employee empowerment is the holy grail to our success. Empowerment at workplace has been subject to much scrutiny, but we have found through our experience that when you empower employees to step up, make their own decisions and pave their own path to success, you create a better workplace culture.



All of us strive for betterment in life. When you see an opportunity and seize it, that's when you are successful. We learn new things everyday; with every project we undertake and the wonderful people we have working here. This helps us grow as an individual as well as a whole.



We thoroughly recognize the importance of workspace flexibility and as such, provides our employees with a number of options that works for them.



We are a huge and extended family. Each and every member has something of value to teach the rest of us. Many of them, with years of experience under their belt and international exposure, make great mentors and even better leaders.