Identify and conquer the corporate world with the "prospecting's holy grail"


Big and small businesses pay huge amounts to service providers to get usable data that can generate leads, thereby increasing profit margin, net worth and their lifestyle. They also employ enough staff for cold calling, B2B sales, email marketing etc. Imagine, an employee handles 500 or more calls a day, with the provided data, only to get 10, 20 or if you are lucky, 35 leads. Among these 35 leads, only 10 or 15 might be prospective clients. Finally, a sale will happen with 5 or so of them. This is an everyday scenario in any tele calling establishment or a sales/marketing team within a company. People data is one of the most expensive data today. And companies will pay service providers the amount they ask, no negotiation; nothing. What if, the amount paid to them returns back to you, doubled or even tripled? A top service provider in the U.S. has come up with a solution that works for all. With the help of a driven team, they developed predictive algorithms and AI to create a comprehensive super data. With 290 million U.S. consumer and professional profiles, this data and relationship intelligence business remains a force to be reckoned with, as well as, a life source of energy for businesses around the globe.

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01 The Process

Let’s take a look at how things are done here, shall we? Their motto being – work smarter, not harder, a favourite with many, I am sure. With the detailed data of millions of profiles, attributes and filters that one can apply as per their needs/requirements, tracking of events, option to import your own connections, which in turn, can lead to further expansion of your social circle, you have a veritable powerhouse in your palm.
I. Within the application, we have an option for filtering. It matches the attributes you have selected, according to your needs, to the million profiles we have.
II. We also have a map section, that narrows down all the way to street and alleys, with an even shorter, summarised, yet, detail-oriented version of your search. Works just like Google map. Happy drilling!
III. The Relationship Finder tab has an Opportunities section, where all your top ranked prospects will be available. This list gets updated regularly, based on the filters applied by you. The results shown are scored on an autoscore basis.
IV. A useful feature here, is the Super connectors. Created from a potential lead conversion angle, the filter(s) applied, as per your needs, will present you with the most compatible matches, that can substantially provide you with a number of prospective leads in one go.
A drawback, if you can call it that, was that when you use other sources for marketing (like LinkedIn), you need to go back to the app for further progress. To avoid this, we at Cloudium, improvised on our client’s idea of a chrome extension. They named it sidecar, the concept being, it will be with you all along your journey. This tool delivers significant information it believes you need, for an immediate understanding.

02 Application

This is accessible as a web app, Mobile app (iOS and Android) and a chrome extension. The tech stack used is:
i. API: Python, Django REST Framework
ii. DB: PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, AWS DynamoDB
iii. Storage: AWS S3
iv. Queue service: Celery, AWS SQS
v. Monitoring: Sentry, AWS CloudWatch
vi. Notification service: Firebase, AWS SNS
vii. Job scheduler: cron
viii. Authentication and Authorization: Auth0
ix. Front-end JavaScript library: ReactJS
x. State management: MobX
xi. React UI design library: Ant Design
xii. JavaScript vector maps library: Mapbox
xiii. Data visualization: Chart.js
xiv. HTTP client: Axios
xv. Billing and subscription management: Recurly
xvi. CRMs: Salesforce, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Chime, Redtail, Contactually

03 The End

We have surely come a long way from the initiation. Many, including us, have asked ourselves, “why didn’t I think of this before?”. A crucial component to the success of any start-up, business or enterprise, people data is here to stay. Cloudium has played a significant role in the success of the top data and relationship intelligence business in the U.S. Below are the major areas we have handled alongside our client –
>> Clients have the ability to import contacts that will only be available to their own private view as well as team members, unless opted otherwise, via a frontend application. This data is stored in Elastic and Postgres.
>> Data consolidation allows increased productivity and efficiency, as well as, makes data management information available quickly.
>> Data extraction reduces your marketing spend. It saves your time and resources, while giving you that valuable data you'll need, to plan ahead.

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