Digital Commerce

Well, isn’t this the star of the year! Digital Commerce or D-commerce has seen a sharp rise during the last two years, which is, of course, the pandemic. Reports say that those among us who would never buy anything online, has a buying streak of more than 70% than the usual. Can’t blame anyone really. The public is even more alert and aware digitally, than ever before. From researching on products, brands or services, to finally taking the decision, staying loyal to a brand, and how all this translates to, when they communicate to their peers, points to how digitalization has impacted our lives. .

Digital Commerce Consulting

Hence, we are here with a few helpful services than can change your customer interaction for the good. The most basic and the most important facet to any business – flawless customer experience. How can you get that? With expert help. Our digital commerce consulting team comprises of experienced mentors, who command a group that is constantly updating and researching on market trends, customer expectations and technology ecosystem, thereby, providing credible advice.

Digital Commerce Development

Now that we have come to a decision, it is time to put the plan to action. Developing a digital platform for your business opens the door for endless possibilities. It all depends on the efficiency of the team you choose to work with, of course. Going through our success stories and client testimonials will help you understand where we stand on the graph. And if that is not enough, we could always set up a demo for you.

Digital Content Management

Another noteworthy means of establishing your digital presence, is through content. Having your very own content creator as well as manager can work wonders for your business. Cloudium offers the complete package with the best of talent.

Digital Commerce Analytics

A common misconception is that launching a website is the final step to a business, when, in fact, it is only the beginning. It is necessary to keep a close eye in monitoring customer behaviour, as it helps eCommerce companies stay competitive in their niche markets. With these important insights, businesses can identify bottlenecks in their selling processes which provides an opportunity to refine strategies.

Customer Experience Optimization

Ever wonder why your search for a particular brand, service or product ends up with you having constant recommendations or suggestions that cater to your last search? None other than customer experience optimization. Understanding your audience; what motivates, delights and engages them, is crucial to making informed decisions about what to optimize to deliver the best experience. There is a reason why we are called a Global Village as a whole. Online enterprises cater to a global audience yet, the experience of each customer is tailored, highly relevant and personalised to suit each of their expectations. Delivery of “best” experience can only be possible with cutting edge tech and we are in no shortage of those.

Managed Commerce Services

We have been successful in our endeavour to go digital and everything is in place. You are delighted, we are happy and all’s well. Right? Yeah...kind of. The online world is slightly different than the offline world. There is always going to be something new, better, efficient each day and what can we do to make sure we come on top at the end of the day? The answer is Managed Commerce Services. eCommerce management involves online branding, promoting the website, maintaining the freshness as well as quality of the eCommerce website, and keep creating fresh plans for the online business initiative of the website. Cloudium extends our services encompass this area as well and all it takes is one work from your side – Yes.

Case Studies