Data Science

‘Time and tide waits for none’; sure, pretty much everyone is familiar with this proverb. What is this doing here? Nothing describes the current environment in this cutthroat period better. What is new today, becomes obsolete tomorrow. So, it’s important for enterprises to make faster and accurate decisions and that’s where Data Science comes in. Data is widespread and cluttered, hence, to make sense of this mess, to extract meaningful information suitable to each and every area in any business, data science paves the way. With a number of tools, like, ML algorithms, to produce AI systems, which in turn generates insights, analysts and business users can translate data into tangible business value. Cloudium offers three distinct services in this area, .

Predictive Analytics

As the name suggests, predictive analytics helps clients catch a glimpse of the future, in a manner of speaking. Except that, here, we draw up on statistics and modeling to determine future performance, based on current and historical data.

Prescriptive Analytics

Now, these two work in tandem. Using predictive analytics’ estimation of what is likely to happen, prescriptive analytics recommends what future course to take. Prescriptive analytics factors information about possible situations or scenarios, available resources, past performance, and current performance, and suggests a course of action or strategy. Our team works out the math and after careful analysis and detailed study, presents the most sensible choice that works for you.

Business Intelligence

An umbrella term, BI is a collection of many processes that lead to a main goal – smarter decisions and optimal performance of a company. Over the years, BI has evolved to include more processes to improve performance, mainly, data mining, data visualisation, querying, reporting, performance metrics and benchmarking, etc. Cloudium offers a comprehensive service that includes but is not restricted to the above mentioned processes. We are flexible in our approach and understand that each of our clients are unique in themselves and their ideas. Its only logical therefore, to deliver equally unique solutions.

Case Studies